Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Rear View Glance of Confederate History Month

Well, April is over, and we can look back on the failure that was Confederate History Month here in Commonwealth.  To start off, Bob "Slavery Is Not a Cause of the War of Southern Independence" McDonnell started off by leaving slavery out of the initial proclamation.  Big mistake.  Then his big bubba Haley "I Am Really Satan's Fat Little Brother" Barbour said that is was "no big deal" that Governor Revisionist left the slavery issue out of the statement.  Those darned Negroes.  Never happy with what we give them.

Then Sheila Johnson, billionaire and mocker of stutters, announced she was disappointed in the governor for his oversight on this matter.  Boo-fricking-hoo.  NOW you want to be disappointed.  Did you really think he was going to continue his charade after he got your money?  Naw, that would make him a prostitute, and we all know that politicians HIRE hookers, not become them.

As I look back over the month, I realize that Gov. Revisionist was merely wishing that no one would notice his blatant dismissal of people of color in his state.  However, as I said in my opening salvo, we WILL notice, we WILL remember, and we WILL come for you.

Take that Bobbo.